Hard Rock Cafe

Been rockin the Hard Rock Café lately.Great room upstairs with an awesome dance floor and the sound system? One of the best I have had the chance to spin on.Hoping to get my own night there.They put D.J. Huggy on the marquee “Spinning hit’s from the “70s” till now” mostly people wanted the “now” part. But had some requests for “70s” and “80s”
Hope to keep getting gigs in that room. GREAT venue and the staff at the Hard Rock rock hard.

You can always tell a wedding is gonna be off the hook when the bride starts doing upside down tap hits off the keg lol.
Ryan & Marcie became husband and wife April 2nd and what a great wedding.
The bride and groom, as well as the wedding party, came down the isle dancing to OMG by Usher.
Had some mellow background music for dinner and then it was GO TIME after that.
Lot’s of dancing and craziness ensued.
For the most part it was a younger crowd, but they really knew their way around some old school dance tunes.
It’s always a pleasure playing to a crowd that knows their music.

Thanks guys, for choosing Jett City Sound for your wedding D.J.

Looking at going %100.oo digital by the end of April. My music selection will go from thousands of titles to millions of titles. Sweet!

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