The Wilson Wedding

Groomsmen/ D.J.

I never thought I would be in a wedding in a dual capacity. But when one of my best friends Dave called me from North Carolina and asked me to be in his wedding and maybe be the D.J. as well. I just couldn’t say no. Dave married into a large family of Polynesian decent and they were steeped in tradition. Which created a challenge for me. Some of the family wanted to do some traditional Polynesian dances. Now I’m versed in some Latin, a bit of country and even some Irish tunes. But I have to say im a bit rusty when it comes to the top 40 Polynesian hits. SO I did some research and came up with some really cool stuff.

I stood with my best buddy while he took his vows and was pronounced  man and wife. And then I threw off the tuxedo jacket and put on the D.J. jacket. 

The wedding and party were a total success and fun as can be. I learned how to do the Hula dance and had roasted pig Polynesian style for the first time in years.

My buddy Dave and his new bride loved the music. And I looked pretty dang good in a tuxedo as well.

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