Garfield Class of ’59 Reunion


Go Bulldogs!

Last year 2009 I received a call from the president of 1959 Garfield graduating class. Wow 1959! That’s when music was really coming into it’s own. The kids were doing “The Stroll” and learning the “Hand Jive“

She asked me if I was booked and if not would I be willing to be the D.J. for their reunion. “Are you kidding, I’m there” I have always been a big oldies fan and have an extensive oldies selection.

Well needless to say the night was a hoot. The class of “59” danced the night away and did “The Stroll” and it was touching to see the looks on some of there faces when I would play one of those songs that you could tell brought back a flood of good memories.

The Garfield Bulldogs had a great time and so did I.

Thanks Class of “59” 

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