Tearing up the EMP

Every D.J. has his ultimate gig. One that stands out above all others. I would have to say that New Years 2010 at The Experience Music Project (EMP)is right up there in my top three.
When I got a call from the event coordinator to play the EMP for New Years Eve 2010 of course I said yes right away. When she told me they had a guest list of about three thousand I have to say I got butterflies in my stomach.
Then she said that I could only play “80s” music.
AWESOME ! I love “80s” music. Tons of great dance music came out of the “80s” and I am well versed on it as well.
The crowd was great and they sang along to almost every song that was played.
We rang in the New Year of 2010 while watching fireworks threw the skylight. I even got a kiss from a pretty girl at midnight.
2010 is going to be a good year !

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